What’s Happening?

Making SMARTAR goal setting a part of effective classroom practice

Workshop facilitator: Jess Mason How do we make goals achievable and realistic whilst providing stretch and challenge? How do we incorporate student voice into the goal setting process? How can we make SMARTAR goal setting part of effective classroom practice? Bring...


Workshop facilitator: Cassie Humphrey A taster of the sensory overview and Interoception. This will give the base knowledge so that the teachers can then start exploring it in their classroom. Target Audience: R-7 + SSOs.

Multiplicative Thinking

Workshop facilitator: Lauren Cole and Matt Millar Participants will revisit multiplicative thinking to gain an in-depth understanding of this important concept.  Sessions will then include opportunities to share and experience practical ideas to extend...

Big Ideas in Number

Workshop facilitator: Michelle Potter Starting with the best advice papers we will unpack WHAT we know about Big Ideas and HOW we can make sure our students have these skills in their mathematical understanding.  Together we will develop ideas for teaching and...

Learning Intentions / Success Criteria

Workshop facilitator: Lisa Gray Participants will unpack the achievement standards to design high quality learning intentions focussed on knowledge, skills and understandings. Bring along your program – i.e. what you will be teaching next week. Target Audience:...

Early Years Numeracy

Workshop facilitator: Tennille Langeluddecke We will continue with our focus on BIIN to ensure all children are developing the foundation skills.  We will then begin to look at formative assessment for all children in BIIN.  Target Audience:...

Implementing a STEAM approach

Workshop facilitator: Kris Mott, Sue Kopp, Sam Healy, Amelia Herscell, Kylie Brenna In this workshop, the team of facilitators will share information from a recent STEAM conference and work with participants to collaboratively plan learning with a STEAM approach....

STEAM – with a focus on assessment

Workshop facilitator: Kathleen Best Through the session, participants will be looking at assessing STEAM inquiry projects and how to do this while still stretching students. Documents and resources will be available during the session to help participants in their...

WOW writers and VCOP

Workshop facilitator: Cate Schueller As a group, explore strategies to improve students’ writing. Target Audience – R - 7

Questioning in the Classroom

Workshop facilitator: Wendy Lithgow Participants will discuss ways to use questioning to increase student involvement and depth of thinking in their learning. Target Audience: EY-12 + SSOs. 

Using the Coherence Framework to Enhance Leadership Efficacy

Workshop facilitator: Josh Anderson This workshop will focus around using elements of the Coherence framework to enhance leadership efficacy – particularly around the area of professional development, differentiating staff PD and developing staff as effective...

Welcome to our blog

We will be using the blog as a connection point for our 2018 Week 6 staff meeting groups.  Below you will find a link to each group.  Your group may choose to connect with each other between meetings, share resources, unpack difficulties or just touch base!

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