Willunga Preschool

In our Willunga Preschool Community we provide a safe, caring, inviting and stimulating environment where children and their families feel valued, respected and have a strong sense of belonging. We build strong, positive relationships and develop each child’s unique interests and abilities. We provide equal opportunities and immerse the children in inclusive, cultural experiences through a comprehensive and well organised curriculum, which caters for individual needs. Willunga Preschool provides a rich play based learning environment, which is abundant with, diverse experiences both planned and incidental, where children’s voice is valued and their ideas are included and implemented in the Preschool program. We provide the children with the essential skills needed for learning, exposing them to daily challenges meeting their individual dispositions and learning styles. We support children with the development of social skills necessary to grow and develop into responsible, cooperative, considerate, healthy, happy members of society who respect each other, the environment and their belongings. We provide a balance of indoor and outdoor activities which encourages a love for their natural surroundings and inspires imaginative play. Shared and honest communication is of utmost importance between staff, families and the broader community so that together we all make a difference to the learning and well-being of the children at the Preschool.


Megan Webster

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(08) 8556 2488

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Station Road, Willunga SA 5172