Clarendon Primary School

Clarendon prides itself as a small school with a great community and visitors to the school consistently comment on the stunning location and welcoming, friendly feel of the school. Clarendon Primary is characterised by committed, experienced, dedicated and professional staff, loyal and supportive families and children who are active, engaged, caring and active learners. We’re a community school that has long valued the roles that environmental education, active, ethical and healthy lifestyles, natural play, engaging curriculum and positive connections play in educating children for the twenty first century. Our shared vision for the future is one of high quality educational outcomes being achieved in a friendly, positive, caring and compassionate community school. Our is one that features a strong, well lead local school that collaborates closely with other schools, community groups and service providers in our region. Our future sees the next generation of learners emerging from Clarendon Primary with key skills for the 21st century – including the skills to collaborate, critique and question, imagine, create, problem solve and explore. Our learners will enter the world beyond Primary School with their curiosity, courage and creativity intact.


Regan Birrell

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(08) 8383 6110

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Potter Road Clarendon 5157 SA