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Powerful Learning Summit

The Sea & Vines teaching and learning community participate in an annual ‘Powerful Learning Summit’ Our 2017 Summit was led by Professor Martin Westwell delving  into ‘Struggle, Stretch and Transfer ‘ in learning. Please view the links from the day.

Link to Martin Westwell’s Flinders University page

Network Learning Sessions Week 6

We are offering a range of after school roundtable discussions called Network Learning Sessions during Week 6 of each term for all educators: teaching, leaders and SSOs/ECWs. This is an opportunity for staff to connect and collaborate and engage in discussions around an inquiry topic. The inquiry areas are to be aligned to the S&V Partnership Plan, the Coherence Framework and will provide an excellent opportunity to build upon the notion of Struggle, Stretch and Transfer – the focus of the Powerful Learning Summit.

Network Learning sessions will be in place of staff meeting with staff arrival at 3.45 pm for a 4:00pm start. and finish at 5:00 pm. Several discussion groups will be offered on each day (from Monday to Thursday).

All staff are required to attend at least one workshop. If staff attend more than one session, “week 41” time can be claimed.

Network Learning Protocols

Adobe PDF, 180KB


A Brief History:

The “ObserveMe” teaching observation movement begins with US Specialist Mathematics teacher, Robert Kaplinsky – and uses the twitter hashtag #ObserveMe.

ObserveMeSVP vision:

Each of us bring to education our own strengths and abilities, and areas for development. By allowing us to choose what we want to be observed, we grow into ObserveMe by choice.

As a teacher engaging with ObserveMe you hold the power to choose your observer, the criteria, the structure, and duration, and feedback format.

In practicing what I’m preaching, with my year 8 music classes, I’ve set up the following:

Observer: A trusted colleague.

– Are students engaged in their learning?
– Does my questioning lead to critical and creative thinking?
– Are students learning collaboratively?

Structure: Approx. 15-20min at random, with prior knowledge the observation is happening.

Format: Handwritten notes and the option to discuss the feedback at a later stage.

Professional Development:

As the owner of the ObserveMe feedback, you can choose how to use the feedback.  I intend to use the observation notes provided as a topic of conversation in my line management meetings.


Within the Sea and Vines Partnership, I have begun sharing my own thoughts while beginning to utilise the #ObserveMeSVP hashtag as a way to share this exciting and empowering professional development strategy, much in the same way a small business needs to expand quickly to survive. If you are reading this, I want to talk to you!

If you want to know more, please contact me at:

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