The Sea & Vines Partnership


The beautiful southern beaches of South Australia are filled with crystal clear blue seas.


The Partnership is a group of DECD sites, working together and supporting each others achievements.


The vineyards and wine provide us with a core industry that is integral to helping generate tourism to the area.

Our Purpose:

To have a shared vision and purpose that is realised in the unique context of each site. Developing the power of the partnership through shared commitment and responsibility.

Our Values:

The Sea and Vines Partnership embraces the values that are the foundation of ethical behaviour in the South Australian Public School System, including: Professionalism, Service, Collaboration and engagement, Sustainability, Courage and tenacity, Trust, Respect, Honesty and Integrity.

Our Vision:

Powerful Learners; A high performing Partnership that improves the educational attainment and well being of our children and young people.

Our Guiding Principles are:

Student Learning, Effective Training,  School and Community Partnerships, an Improvement Agenda, the Australian Curriculum and the National Quality Standards for Preschool frame our work.

To achieve greater Coherence in our work we are engaging the right drivers; Focussing Direction, Creating Collaborative Cultures, Deepening Learning and  Securing Accountability.

Achieved through:

Collegiate Support, Transition processes, managing and sharing resources, professional learning and capacity building, teaching and learning powerfully; and community building.
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